Monday, 25 July 2016

Where is it illegal to be gay?

 In the aftermath of the June 26 attack on the LGBT nightclub in Orlando,Florida,the UN Security Council issued statement,condemning the targeting person based on their sexual orientation.

This was the first time the United Nation took an official stance on LGBT discrimination and perhaps surprisingly support from number of countries that outlaw  homosexuality including Egypt and Russia.

So where is it illegal to be gay?

                                                                              Well according to the UN,homosexuality is a crime in at least 74 countries.13 of which impose the death penalty for these alleged crimes.These laws exist most pervasively in Africa and the Middle East,where lengthy prison sentences,psychiatric treatment,whippings,hard labor and stoning by public are all common punishment for homosexuality.Some of the most notable anti gay laws exist in Uganda,where individuals can face life imprisonment for homosexual acts.These laws were first introduced by Uganda British Colonial Rulers in the 19th century and retained through the country's independence in 1962.But they were largely unenforced in the early 2000's.
                                                            That's when American-Christian missionaries popularized the idea,that gay people sought to destroy their society by praying on and procuring children as homosexuals.This is also been directly linked to Uganda's infamous anti homosexuality or kill the gays bill,which in 2014 originally made homosexuality punishable by death.The bill was overturned and no later version have successfully made it through parliament.
                                                                                                         But arguably the worst place to be gay is Iran,which enforces capital punishments.The law makes a distinction for gay women,who are lashed 50 times for their first three offenses.But for any further offences the punishment is still death.
 Gay man can also be whipped for lesser act like kissing or holding hands.Iran's anti gay laws adheres with the shria's law,which is the strict interpretations of the Islam.The Quran says that sex between men should be punished.However it does not specify how.Still,Human Rights group estimates that between 4,000 and  6,000 people have been executed for such acts since Iran's Islamic Revolutions in 1979.
                                             Afghanistan also strictly forbids homosexuality.While the country was under was under Taliban rule from 1996 to 2001,gay men and women were routinely executed.However,since the extremist group was toppled by US forces,Afghanistan has generally punished homosexual acts with the prison sentence.Although capital punishment is still enshrined in their legal code,it is reportedly gone unenforced since 2001.
                                   But these laws are not exclusive to Africa and Middle East.In 2013,Russia enacted infamous anti gay propaganda law,which prohibits discussion or display of any non traditional sexual behaviour to protect minors.Additionally,Belize has outlawed same sex activity since 1988 and today their immigration act prohibits gay men and women from even entering the country.The UN and the various Human Right Organizations have made efforts to decriminalize homosexuality.However,the worst offenders have yet to reform their anti gay laws.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

How Liberal Is Donald Trump?

Most Important Election 2016 Feature:Deep and Growing Ideological Divide.
The 2016 presidential elections are one of the most contentious in US history.With many calling out both candidates for not representing their parties core values.

Former candidate Ted Cruz has called Donald Trump politically correct New York Liberal for his past and current views.

So how Liberal is Donald Trump?

                                                                One of the big reason Trump has received ,criticism for his political stances is that they are extremely inconsistent.As a popular candidate,Trump tends to say what he believes people want to hear,which sometimes runs contrary to the Republican platform.
                                                          Trump has not only held Liberal ideas,he was once actually a registered democrat from 2001 to 2009.And even as recently as 2011,Trump changed his party preference to unaffiliated,before changing it back to Republican in 2012.In the same year he registered his slogan as "Make America Great Again".But he wasn't a Democrat name only,Trump also supported and openly donated to democrats.
                                                                     As of 2011,he gave more than half a million dollars to New York state campaigns,with more than two-thirds donations going to Democrats.But his most notable contribution have been to his current opponent Hilary Clinton.According to Federal disclosure records,he and his son donated Clinton four times between 2002 and 2007,as well as giving the Clinton Foundation at least 100,000$.
                                                                            Bill and Hilary Clinton even attended Trump's 2005 wedding,with Hilary ,reportedly sitting front row.But even despite Trump's close ties with democrats does that mean he supports Liberal Ideas?Well,some of them.
                              When asked about healthcare in 1999 interview,he openly supported healthcare.And although he has called Obama care a disaster,In 2015 in 60 minutes interview,Trump said that under him,the government would pay to take care of every body and regards to healthcare,which is the basic definition of Universal Healthcare.
                                                     Rather uniquely under Republicans ,Trump also vocally supported LGBT and Transgender Rights.Referencing the North Carolina Transgender bathroom controversy,Trump commented that individuals should use the bathroom they feel as appropriate.Trump has even supported amending the 1964 civil right act to include protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation.In fact,the Log Cabin Republicans,a leading conservative LGBT Rights Group,called him most gay friendly public nominee for president ever.
                                                                                  But as a relative newcomer to politics,especially compared to Hillary Clinton,Trump has rarely been held to account for his political views.Allowing him to shift his opinion depending on the political climate.Without a voting record,its hard to say whether he continues his support for liberal positions on topics like healthcare and LGBT Rights.But regardless of the far right image surrounding trump,he may be more liberal than anyone expected.But he has been regularly accused of holding extreme views with some even calling him a fascist.

5 Things You Didnt Know About Pee

Hi every one,
Here are some 5 fun facts about pee.

We know that pee or urine is excreted from bladder.It has salts,sugars,chemical byproducts and potential toxins that the body cant breakdown.These excreted compounds are called metabolites which are leftover after the process of metabolism.

                               As you can find anything on the internet,i am here to tell you that there is a database which can be found in your pee.Human body produces thousands of metabolites that are found in urine in different concentrations depending on the diet,environment and overall health.You can find thousands of metabolites in your urine from the database.

                                 In mammals chemicals in urine can be used as biological communication between sexes.Just as an example i will tell you that exposure to the urine of the dominant male mouse causes new neuron to form in the brain of the female mouse and the urine in making the behavior of giraffes has been very well documented.
                   Male giraffe drinks the pee of female partner to test if she suits his taste.

                               Some people born with genetic inability to metabolise branched amino acids suffer from maple syrup urine disorder.
 This disease is rare but is recognizable by pee that smells like pancakes.

                               Our urine can reveal secrets about our health and diets.Urine analyses has been used for centuries to diagnose health problems.You may be familiar with test for drugs or pregnancy but recent work by scientist shows that it is possible to use ratios of metabolites to predict development of less obvious conditions like obesity.
                             Human pee is putting fish on birth control.Recent studies shows that metabolites of the human birth control pills  that are excreted in urine are finding their way to waterways and building up in some fish species.
This exposure is contributing infertility in fish.There are also some documented cases on the US East Coast of male fish switching sexes after prolonged exposure to the synthetic hormone byproducts.


Saturday, 23 July 2016

Can this DNA hack help you stay young forever?

Getting old is inevitable but can the key to staying you be in your DNA?

You've may heard that human body essentially replaces itself after seven years.Most of your body cells replaces over time.

There is different time span for each type of cell.Skin cells die after 2-3 weeks while white blood cells may live for 1 year.While most of you are hitting refresh button all the time but why do our body still deteriorate?   
In the study scientist at the Salk institute and the Chinese academy of science found that genetic mutations underlying Werner syndrome,a disorder that leads premature aging and death,resulted in the deterioration  of bundles of DNA  known as heterochromatin.
                                    About 1 in 20,000 in US have it.Many of them die in their 40's or early 50's.

Werner syndrome is associated with the mutation on the WRN gene.
This gene codes an enzyme that keeps DNA structures soundly.But with mutation WRN protein isn't made properly and it affects the way the DNA bundles itself.
Now we all are familiar with the double helix shape of DNA but there more much to know.If you stretch out the DNA from just one cell,it would be 2 meters in nucleus the DNA is packaged into euchromatin.
Vast majority of our cells have identical DNA but they do very different jobs.
The researchers mimic werner syndrome by deleting the WRN gene in healthy stem cells and letting the DNA carry on as usual.
Without the WRN proteinto interact with the markers on the heterochromatin called "epigenetic tags",the scientists found that heterochromatins started bunching differently and the cells aged faster.

This could be expand and beyond people with just werner syndrome,its possible that heterochromatin shape change over a lifetime,after being wounded in a chromosome and replicate and divide over and over.
May be this is what makes our DNA express itself differently and causes our slow decline in the brittle old meat sacks.And  if thats the case it is possible to stop,even reverse the aging process while we can also solve the other problems in your DNA like telomeres shortening.

Beside this there are also couple of factors like oxidative stress,which is when free radicals damage your DNA and glycation,which is when glucose binds with DNA,proteins and lipids and gums up the work
         So if we sort out these issues our DNA has to cope as time passes maybe its possible for us to stay young forever.
Thanks for reading.

Earning money by donating sperms.

In college days,students often run low on money.Some people find it good to get money by donating sperms while some of them think it as weird.

In these days,where infertility is rising at much high rate people often look for these kind of ways.So sperm bank is also been used much.

Lets talk about it from vintage times.

In 1952, doctors learned how to freeze and reanimate sperm cells which can help families to concieve baby.
A year later three babies were born from sperms.
In sperm banks sperms are freezed and are then used later for fertilization.IVF is a sixty billion a year industry.
According to American Society for reproductive medicines ,in 2012 this fertilization process accounted for 1.5% for all births in the US, thats about 3.95 million babies.

80% percent donors are doing it for cash,according to Times News Magazine.Some are paid 100 dollars per donation.

Well its not that easy to be a sperm donor.There are about 500 different sperm banks in the US.There are different rules for each bank.In California only 5% to 10% of men are qualified for sperm donation.
Banks want to confirm that sperms are of top quality.So they have initial sample,which they check for motility, cell count and so on.They also test to sure that they can reanimate it.If donor pass that they check for family medical history,blood and urine to look for drug use,HIV,syphilis,gonorrhea,chlamydia and hepatitis B&C.
Some also check for genetic disorders.Some banks will do a full genetic workup while some other only check for minor problems like blood problems.
While you are passed through all these,still you can be rejected because of the minor problems like if your height is under 5.7 or if you have dark skin or you are homosexual.

Sperm bank pays more for PhD students.Why?Because because some recipient are paying a lot of money to pick there ideal IVF candidate.
     Even if the sperm is of anonymous person,he would  have been checked for skin color,education level,height,hair color,eye color and even their looks etc.

For some  people who donated to sperm banks its clear that they are paid for their ejaculation because there are many cases in which there were no regulations.

People who have donated their sperms,please write your experience in the comment section.I find it quite weird.
Take care all :).