Saturday, 23 July 2016

Can this DNA hack help you stay young forever?

Getting old is inevitable but can the key to staying you be in your DNA?

You've may heard that human body essentially replaces itself after seven years.Most of your body cells replaces over time.

There is different time span for each type of cell.Skin cells die after 2-3 weeks while white blood cells may live for 1 year.While most of you are hitting refresh button all the time but why do our body still deteriorate?   
In the study scientist at the Salk institute and the Chinese academy of science found that genetic mutations underlying Werner syndrome,a disorder that leads premature aging and death,resulted in the deterioration  of bundles of DNA  known as heterochromatin.
                                    About 1 in 20,000 in US have it.Many of them die in their 40's or early 50's.

Werner syndrome is associated with the mutation on the WRN gene.
This gene codes an enzyme that keeps DNA structures soundly.But with mutation WRN protein isn't made properly and it affects the way the DNA bundles itself.
Now we all are familiar with the double helix shape of DNA but there more much to know.If you stretch out the DNA from just one cell,it would be 2 meters in nucleus the DNA is packaged into euchromatin.
Vast majority of our cells have identical DNA but they do very different jobs.
The researchers mimic werner syndrome by deleting the WRN gene in healthy stem cells and letting the DNA carry on as usual.
Without the WRN proteinto interact with the markers on the heterochromatin called "epigenetic tags",the scientists found that heterochromatins started bunching differently and the cells aged faster.

This could be expand and beyond people with just werner syndrome,its possible that heterochromatin shape change over a lifetime,after being wounded in a chromosome and replicate and divide over and over.
May be this is what makes our DNA express itself differently and causes our slow decline in the brittle old meat sacks.And  if thats the case it is possible to stop,even reverse the aging process while we can also solve the other problems in your DNA like telomeres shortening.

Beside this there are also couple of factors like oxidative stress,which is when free radicals damage your DNA and glycation,which is when glucose binds with DNA,proteins and lipids and gums up the work
         So if we sort out these issues our DNA has to cope as time passes maybe its possible for us to stay young forever.
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