Saturday, 23 July 2016

Earning money by donating sperms.

In college days,students often run low on money.Some people find it good to get money by donating sperms while some of them think it as weird.

In these days,where infertility is rising at much high rate people often look for these kind of ways.So sperm bank is also been used much.

Lets talk about it from vintage times.

In 1952, doctors learned how to freeze and reanimate sperm cells which can help families to concieve baby.
A year later three babies were born from sperms.
In sperm banks sperms are freezed and are then used later for fertilization.IVF is a sixty billion a year industry.
According to American Society for reproductive medicines ,in 2012 this fertilization process accounted for 1.5% for all births in the US, thats about 3.95 million babies.

80% percent donors are doing it for cash,according to Times News Magazine.Some are paid 100 dollars per donation.

Well its not that easy to be a sperm donor.There are about 500 different sperm banks in the US.There are different rules for each bank.In California only 5% to 10% of men are qualified for sperm donation.
Banks want to confirm that sperms are of top quality.So they have initial sample,which they check for motility, cell count and so on.They also test to sure that they can reanimate it.If donor pass that they check for family medical history,blood and urine to look for drug use,HIV,syphilis,gonorrhea,chlamydia and hepatitis B&C.
Some also check for genetic disorders.Some banks will do a full genetic workup while some other only check for minor problems like blood problems.
While you are passed through all these,still you can be rejected because of the minor problems like if your height is under 5.7 or if you have dark skin or you are homosexual.

Sperm bank pays more for PhD students.Why?Because because some recipient are paying a lot of money to pick there ideal IVF candidate.
     Even if the sperm is of anonymous person,he would  have been checked for skin color,education level,height,hair color,eye color and even their looks etc.

For some  people who donated to sperm banks its clear that they are paid for their ejaculation because there are many cases in which there were no regulations.

People who have donated their sperms,please write your experience in the comment section.I find it quite weird.
Take care all :).


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