Sunday, 24 July 2016

How Liberal Is Donald Trump?

Most Important Election 2016 Feature:Deep and Growing Ideological Divide.
The 2016 presidential elections are one of the most contentious in US history.With many calling out both candidates for not representing their parties core values.

Former candidate Ted Cruz has called Donald Trump politically correct New York Liberal for his past and current views.

So how Liberal is Donald Trump?

                                                                One of the big reason Trump has received ,criticism for his political stances is that they are extremely inconsistent.As a popular candidate,Trump tends to say what he believes people want to hear,which sometimes runs contrary to the Republican platform.
                                                          Trump has not only held Liberal ideas,he was once actually a registered democrat from 2001 to 2009.And even as recently as 2011,Trump changed his party preference to unaffiliated,before changing it back to Republican in 2012.In the same year he registered his slogan as "Make America Great Again".But he wasn't a Democrat name only,Trump also supported and openly donated to democrats.
                                                                     As of 2011,he gave more than half a million dollars to New York state campaigns,with more than two-thirds donations going to Democrats.But his most notable contribution have been to his current opponent Hilary Clinton.According to Federal disclosure records,he and his son donated Clinton four times between 2002 and 2007,as well as giving the Clinton Foundation at least 100,000$.
                                                                            Bill and Hilary Clinton even attended Trump's 2005 wedding,with Hilary ,reportedly sitting front row.But even despite Trump's close ties with democrats does that mean he supports Liberal Ideas?Well,some of them.
                              When asked about healthcare in 1999 interview,he openly supported healthcare.And although he has called Obama care a disaster,In 2015 in 60 minutes interview,Trump said that under him,the government would pay to take care of every body and regards to healthcare,which is the basic definition of Universal Healthcare.
                                                     Rather uniquely under Republicans ,Trump also vocally supported LGBT and Transgender Rights.Referencing the North Carolina Transgender bathroom controversy,Trump commented that individuals should use the bathroom they feel as appropriate.Trump has even supported amending the 1964 civil right act to include protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation.In fact,the Log Cabin Republicans,a leading conservative LGBT Rights Group,called him most gay friendly public nominee for president ever.
                                                                                  But as a relative newcomer to politics,especially compared to Hillary Clinton,Trump has rarely been held to account for his political views.Allowing him to shift his opinion depending on the political climate.Without a voting record,its hard to say whether he continues his support for liberal positions on topics like healthcare and LGBT Rights.But regardless of the far right image surrounding trump,he may be more liberal than anyone expected.But he has been regularly accused of holding extreme views with some even calling him a fascist.

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